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Non-ASCII characters Key binding (emacs 21.4)

From: Mounir AITTAHAR
Subject: Non-ASCII characters Key binding (emacs 21.4)
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 23:54:55 +0200
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On emacs 20.7 (yes), i wrote some lisp functions in order to
subsitute local characters (like é, ô) with sgml values (like é, ô) or LaTeX corresponding sequences (like \'e,\^o).

Theses functions looked like :

(local-set-key (vector 233) ;
                  (lambda()(interactive)(sgml-name-char 233)))
(local-set-key (vector 233)
                  (lambda()(interactive) (insert "è")))

On emacs 20.7, it worked. On emacs 21.4, it doesn't work more.
I've tried to found why trough Google search, tried several way likee
but nothing.

233 is the value of "grave e" character.

I'm using a vector because it is told on the description of local-set-key , and to prevent the problem of multibytes characters (GNU Emacs manual :

What have i done wrong ? Is this a known problem ?

Thanks and regards,

PS : this mail is in iso-latin-1. I hope it will be readable by all.

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