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Re: Translating keys

From: Mounir AITTAHAR
Subject: Re: Translating keys
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 17:15:17 +0200
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As told in another thread(1), (local-set-key (kbd "é") ...) seems not
to work if non-ASCII characters are entered by pressing one button,

Do you know this problem and how to solve it ?

(local-set-key (kbd "é") (lambda()(interactive)(insert "\ngot e acute\n")))

Nope, this line doesn't work : when I type "é", I don't get "got e acute", but "é".

I've recently tried this bind on *true* console-mode emacs, it works. I wonder if this not a graphical libraries problem.

Notice that in emacs 20.7 (with-xlib compiled version) non-ascii key bindings worked.


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