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Installing gnuserv?

From: Paminu
Subject: Installing gnuserv?
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 21:02:18 +0200

I have now downloaded gnuserv, since I read on google that is needed to do
the inverse search in emacs when using auctex. But I need to edit the 
Makefile here:

#INCLUDES = -I/afs/cs/misc/lemacs/build/src/lemacs-19.9/src -I.

But I don't know what dir I should type. The README file says something
about the src dir beneath my emacs dir. I have installed emacs in:


But there is no dir called src.

Here is an extract from the README FILE:

To install, copy gnuserv.el into a directory on your GNU Emacs
loadpath. Edit Makefile and change INCLUDES to point to the src
directory underneath your emacs source tree (or make yourself a
config.h file in this directory by hand, starting with config.h.proto
as a first cut) and type:
nnn make

Any hint on how to change the:

#INCLUDES = -I/afs/cs/misc/lemacs/build/src/lemacs-19.9/src -I.


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