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Re: Wait for compile to finish

From: Toto
Subject: Re: Wait for compile to finish
Date: 24 Oct 2005 12:22:33 +0200

In article <address@hidden>, Vagn Johansen <address@hidden> writes:
> address@hidden (Toto) writes:
>> My question is:
>> Is there a synchronous version of compile? Or how can i determine that
>> compile has finished (and get the result of the compilation - success
>> or failure)?
> You can set the variable compilation-finish-function to a function.
> "Documentation:
> Functions to call when a compilation process finishes.
> Each function is called with two arguments: the compilation buffer,
> and a string describing how the process finished.
> Defined in `compile'."

That's close enough.

> -- 
> Vagn
                                [ Toto ]

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