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Re: [solved] Non-ASCII characters Key binding (emacs 21.4)

From: Mounir AITTAHAR
Subject: Re: [solved] Non-ASCII characters Key binding (emacs 21.4)
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 15:29:03 +0200
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For what it's worth I never use those.  Instead I use latin-1 (or utf-8) and
specify the coding-system.

Same thing here.  A good \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} gives you real
accents rather than the above abomination (which not only looks ugly but
doesn't work quite right in many contexts, such as verbatim).

Right, someone in the french emacs usegroup (f.c.a.emacs) just told me the same thing. For html, I know but I code theses bindings some years ago when it was fashionnable to use é than latin-1/utf-8 coding system meta. About LaTeX inputenc package, I didn't know it :(

I spent several days to perform theses bindings (and they works now on true/xterm console and X11) for NO-THING !

Thanks for your help all, however.



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