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Re: refactoring tool

From: Aquila Deus
Subject: Re: refactoring tool
Date: 9 Dec 2005 18:18:43 -0800
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Pedro Sa da Costa wrote:
> I'm sorry to ask again, but there is any refactoring tool for emacs,
> besides xrefactory?

There is one for python, dunno about others.

> Emacs does have code completion? If not, what tool can i install? And,
> what is the shortcut key for this feature?

here =>

I'm going to try out it myself :)

> Can anybody give me the reasons why emacs is better than eclipse? I
> think that is hard to find tools for emacs, know how to use them, and
> hard to install and configure.
> Because i have many work in the job, i don't have many time to learn
> advanced features of emacs . So, i'm forced to use eclipse, because it's
> easy to install the plugins, and i think that exists more plugins for
> eclipse than for emacs. My  co-workers also use eclipse. But, my desire
> is to be an emacs geek. What can i do to win this handicap, and learn
> the emacs advanced features? Any advices? What is the best book to learn
> emacs? And, how can anybody deal with plenty of shortcuts keys that
> emacs has? Isn't too much for anybody's head?

I found Eclipse is rather confusing....

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