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Anybody maintaining generate.el?

From: Tom Breton
Subject: Anybody maintaining generate.el?
Date: 10 Dec 2005 21:09:56 -0500
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There used to be an elisp package called generate.el (sometimes
macro-generate.el).  Originally written by Ciaran A Byrne, then
improved by Christoph Conrad.  What it did was much like kbd-macro,
except it recorded commands, not keystrokes, and wrote it as an elisp

This has some advantages: The result is a lot more readable and
maintainable.  The result can be parameterized and so forth.  And if
you did something context-dependent, like M-x'ed a command from
command history or yanked from the kill ring, the context dependency
can easily be removed and in some cases never even shows up.

But it was also hit-or-miss, especially in later emacsen.  Prefix
argument and isearch no longer work (I assume they worked in some
early emacs).  Replaying the macro was clumsy; it never supported
anything like \C-xe.

Googling the web and Usenet revealed nothing later than version 2.0.

Is there a later version than 2.0?  If not, is there any interest in
seeing one?

Tom Breton, the calm-eyed visionary

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