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Re: Icon designer wanted (Aquamacs Emacs)

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Icon designer wanted (Aquamacs Emacs)
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 19:58:07 +0000

On 3 Jan 2006, at 16:58, David Kastrup wrote:

Then you certainly don't know much. There are for example CC licences
that are explicitly noncommercial.  That's incompatible.  I have no
idea whether there are any GPL-compatible CC licences, but there are
_certainly_ several incompatible ones.

Sounds like somebody is going to have to check these things. Thanks for the hint. (So I need an icon designer and a lawyer.)

"As far as reasonably possible", in my book, means getting written
assurance that the legal state of the icons is compatible with
inclusion into Emacs or other GPLed works.

That's something where we differ - fair enough.

So what written guarantee will you have that this list is accurate?

Well, see, the guarantee you have when someone has signed a paper is only worth as much as the portion of their bank account that you can fetch in case you need to sue them. I agree a written declaration is much better than the word of somebody you only know by e-mail, but someone's word is already enough for the vast majority of collaborative non-GNU projects. I appreciate that a bigger and more important project such as Emacs needs more safety, as I've said earlier on.

But you should still point out that you
are searching for help on a non-GNU derivative of a GNU project that
only runs on a proprietary system,

Well actually I have high hopes for the upcoming Nextstep/OpenStep port, which will also run under a completely free system. The current port, which is part of GNU Emacs 22, runs under Carbon, part of which is, as you say, proprietary.

and do this under conditions that
preclude this work to be of use for the upstream project.

Well, not necessarily - I guess that would be up to the people that want to invest time in it. I'm taking from this discussion that I should stick to my original plan to keep a detailed list of where material came from so that any necessary legal papers can be easily obtained when the time comes.

But it's very hard to find someone who can contribute graphics, and honestly, I think the best chances of finding someone would be among Mac enthusiasts. But no volunteer, no icons, and I sure don't want to brag about efforts which aren't happening due to the lack of volunteers :)

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