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Re: Printing from WindowXP version of emacs

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Printing from WindowXP version of emacs
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 12:42:34 +0100
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That sure does not look right.
What doesn't look right, exactly?  I took the above as a template, not
as a literal string that is the printer's name.  If it's a literal
string, then it is indeed strange, but default-printer-name simply
calls GetProfileString and GetPrinter APIs, so whatever those return,
it's the system's notion of the printer.  Unless there's a bug in
default-printer-name, in which case please step through it and tell
what goes wrong there.

I have felt a bit nervous over the weekend. Did I really test this with -Q? Or 
is it something long forgotten I have in my initialization files.

I tried again with -Q. And yes, it is literally the share name I told 
I also tested to print after

   (setq printer-name (default-printer-name))

The result is somewhat perplexing perhaps, but is consistent with my suspiciouns. I tried two physical printers. I tested two queues on the first and one queue on the second.

** With "Print Buffer" I got no output from the first printer on any of the two printer queues I tested. On the second printer I got a correctly printed buffer.

** With "Postscript Print Buffer" the result was the opposite. On the first printer the result looks like the expeced emacs postscript print of the buffer for both queue. On the second printer I just got the postscript code printed. (And this was the color printer .... - it surely supports postscript. The one where I can get postscript printed this way is only black and white.)

To me this suggest that the way Emacs get the default printer name with (default-printer-name) is correct enough in at least my circumstances. However the name "1234567890" is not the name that the queue is normally known by.

The result also seems to confirm that the printing modell used by Emacs on w32 is not correct. The GDI model for printing is the one that according to MS should be used on w32 in the general case. Emacs does not use that model now.

So my suggested workaround using htmlize-view.el still seems to be a good one on w32.

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