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newbie needs help

From: arnuld fraser
Subject: newbie needs help
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 12:03:47 +0530

hello everyone,

i am posting this mail here because i did not find any Emacs-LISP mailing-list/newsgroup.

I want to start a new language and i want to know if learnig Emacs-LISP is also useful as a way  to start earning ( except thta it is fun using Emacs-LISP). I know it is a full language like "python" and "C" . i read some pages of  "An introduction to programming in Emacs LISP" by  Mr.  Chassell and i liked it, that was a great time. I am asking because i need to earn and at the  same time i want to keep fun in programming. explanation on question is little bit lengthy, but i will really feel  thankful to you if you may spend some of your important time.


  i have 2 very simple questions. After asking my questions i will explain them a little bit so  that your answer can be personalised according to  my purpose, understanding-level and choices.

Q: should i start SCHEME, Emacs-LISP, some other LISP (& which implementation) or RUBY? will     learning Emacs-LISP help me to start earning?

Q; which books (for RUBY i already have the answer)?

1.       presently i am learning through HTDP. i am working at part-2 for now and within next 3 months  i will finish this book. In the "preface" of the book it is very clearley written :

-- HTDP does not teach "how to programme in scheme" but trather it teaches students "how to  design programmes" hence for this purpose it uses only a small number of scheme constructs and a  dozen or so basic scheme functions. someone who wishes to use scheme a sa tool will need to read  additional material--

that's ok because i did not pick that book for learning scheme. My intentions match the title of  HTDP. anyway, from experience with this book i know that by the time i will finish this book i  will have a good knowledge of scheme language (around 40%).

2.       now since i have a good amount of knowledge of how scheme language works i want to know  whether i should start scheme or LISP , if LISP then which LISP? i prefer a language which has  greater prectical orientation & that is the one reason i am posting this question since i do not  know. 2nd reason is I am not so good at Mathematics. i am Bachelor of Science, so i know more  Maths than other people but still i am not so good. On the contray i love to programme & enjoying  my time through HTDP.

3.     3rd reason is i want to start working on software-projects as soon as possible because my  father is going to be retired by the end of 2007 hence i need to start earning before time is  over.also "professional life" is exactly opposite to 'student life" . from experience as a  "salesman" i know that student life is 'dream-world', it is not real, it is not intended to be.

4.            i have a friend in England he is coming to INDIA in march month, by that time i will be on the  last parts of the HTDP. he asked me if i want to have any more books (that is how i had HTDP). it  saves my 'shipment expense'. that way i can save my money. pretty much for a jobless person. that  is why i am posting this question now, rather than wainting to finish HTDP.

so i sum-up

   1.will go through HTDP hence 40% of scheme languge is done there. (so will not be a newbie  like at present)

   2. a language which is useful for earning (i mean real-life projects) .

   3. not so good at Maths but love to programme.
   4. must stand independent by the end of 2007 because of father's retirement.

-- & in the end what books to follow?



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