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Re: Default window split

From: nelson . ingersoll
Subject: Re: Default window split
Date: 14 Feb 2006 07:48:28 -0800
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First and foremost, Emacs is warning you that it is experiencing
problems.  It is telling you that it believes you are in danger of
losing work.  Therefore, just getting rid of the window is in fact just
killing the messenger.    The error is telling you that there is a
memory problem of some sort.  Resolving the memory problem will resolve
the message will resolve the window issue.

What release of Emacs are you running and where did you get it?

What OS?

How much RAM is on your system?

Does the error message appear immediately upon starting Emacs or only
after it has been running for a while?

Are you editing LARGE files?  10MB+ sized files?

Does your Swiss bank account have a lot of money in it?

- Nelson

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