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Re: cvs 22.0.50 + auctex

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: cvs 22.0.50 + auctex
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 05:18:28 GMT

Thanks Peter, Stefan, and Eli.

"Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> > From: "B. T. Raven" <address@hidden>
> > Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 05:48:06 GMT
> >
> > I have downloaded and installed this version on MS w98 and I find that
> > many problems with 21.3 have been addressed (copy paste of non 8859-1
> > characters now works, ucs-insert works, etc.). So far I have only 3
> > questions:
> This is not a good place to report problems and ask questions about
> the CVS code.  Please write to address@hidden instead.

Okay, but I'll wait until I learn more.

> > *** C-h v and C-h f commands now include a hyperlink to the C source
> > variables and functions defined in C (if the C source is available)."
> >
> > I have setq'd and evaluated 'source-directory to the place where I put
> > c sources but when I click on a file, I get the message that the
> > are not available. ???
> What happens if, instead of setting source-directory, you wait until
> Emacs prompts for it when you first time click on the link, and then
> select the right directory?  Does it work then?

It does, but the default is whatever directory has had the focus most
recently. I think I should have to tell emacs where the sources are only
once, not every session.

> And btw, what exactly do you mean by ``the place where I put the C
> sources''?  Does the variable points to the `src' directory or to its
> parent?

I added this to .emacs:

(setq source-directory "E:\\emacs\\emacs\\src\\") so it points to the src
directory itself. I.e., src is at the same level as bin, data, lisp, etc,
et cetera.

> > 2) I can't raise the w32 file input dialog box even though
> >         use-dialog-box
> >         use-file-dialog
> > are both set to t (on).
> This works only if you click File->Open File from the menu bar.  If
> you type "C-x C-f", Emacs doesn't pop up a file selection dialog
> because people who type at the keyboard don't like to have to reach
> for the mouse.

No, on W98 it doesn't work with the mouse either on menu- or toolbar. I
need it to work until I learn dired better.

> > Font dialog box comes up but won't change the font
> This does work for me, so please report the details (to the address
> suggested above).

Does that mean that you agree with this reported behavior and that it
doesn't work for you either?

> > 3) Why can't calendar force use of a fixed font just for that buffer
> > that the alignment is maintained in the 3 month calendar display?
> Because it wasn't coded.
> Note that if you change your default font to a proportional one, you
> will have aesthetic problems in quite a few other places, so this is
> currently not recommended.

That makes sense. I needed arialuni.ttf in order to learn about using
utf-8 and getting exotic characters from different unicode ranges into the
same buffer and file. I guess I can live with the empty rectangles as long
as I'm sure the correct bytes are "underneath" them. But it's nice to have
some degree of wysiwyg.

> > iiii) I just found that at times, after a C-h f or C-h v, that the
> > completion buffer won't accept a mouse-1 or mouse-2 click over a mouse
> > sensitive item, but only dings, reports read-only, and dissappears.
> > Quitting emacs and then restarting restored normal behavior.
> Never had that, but then I am on Windows XP, not on 98.

Thanks again,


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