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Re: font-lock-add-keywords problem

From: ken
Subject: Re: font-lock-add-keywords problem
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 16:57:59 -0500
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Stefan Bienert wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have a problem with the adding of own types to the c-mode in emacs. I have 
> used:
> (font-lock-add-keywords
>  'c-mode
>  '(("\\<\\(Shortint\\)\\>" 1 font-lock-type-face t)))
> to make emacs highlighting the type "Shortint". But now its also highlighted 
> in comments /* Shortint */.
> What can I do to unhighlight it in comments?

>From "C-h f font-lock-add-keywords":

"For example:

 (font-lock-add-keywords 'c-mode
  '(("\\<\\(FIXME\\):" 1 font-lock-warning-face prepend)
    ("\\<\\(and\\|or\\|not\\)\\>" . font-lock-keyword-face)))

adds two fontification patterns for C mode, to fontify `FIXME:' words,
even in comments, and to fontify `and', `or' and `not' words as

I'm no elisp programmer at all, but since no one else seems to know, I'm
guessing that you need to employ the syntax in the third line of the
example.  As a sidenote though, I tried the snippet of code above, only
changing "c-mode" to "html-helper-mode" and didn't get any highlighting
at all (this in a buffer which has html tags already highlighted).  The
help page didn't say anything about bat wings or eye of newt, but I
think you need those too.

"This world ain't big enough for the both of us,"
said the big noema to the little noema.

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