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Re: SubEthaEdit style networked editing

From: Shug Boabby
Subject: Re: SubEthaEdit style networked editing
Date: 13 Mar 2006 09:09:11 -0800
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> Have you taken a look at
> M-x make-frame-on-display RET

I have heard about such a technique being used for collaborative
editing, but I fail to see how it achieves what I want... perhaps it
has not been explained to me correctly. My understanding is that this
would require all users to use X forwarding and be using the Emacs
installed on a single machine. This is not what I mean... I want to be
able to use my Emacs, with my settings, on my machine, editing the file
on my machine.

> However, for actual colloboration, I  think it better to decouple the
> working versions via CVS or a similar version control system: that
> way people retain consistent copies.

absolutely, i use both SVN and CVS... but these tools are for version
control and syncing versions, not real time collaborative editing of
the same file at the same time. They only realistically allow one
person to edit a file at a time.

The situation I am finding myself in is when 2 -> 5 people wish to edit
the same document at the same time, and see everyone else's changes
appear in realtime. Is such a setup even possible in Emacs?

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