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Re: Swedish letters in outline-mode under GNU Emacs

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Swedish letters in outline-mode under GNU Emacs
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 12:09:00 +1200

> I have built the cvs version of GNU Emacs on my Gentoo PC and
> found it to be a real speed devil and to contain lots of new really
> useful features not present in GNU Emacs 21.4 or earlier. Everything
> works very well except for the following:

> 2. When I try to debug several different programs from the same Emacs
> session I get the error message:
>            gdb: Multiple debugging is only supported with "gdb
> --fullname" [2 times]
> I have tried adding the flags --fullname to the call to gdb but it does
> not help. 

Did you read the Debugers node in the Emacs Manual?  If you enable
tool-bar-mode (which is useful for this mode anyway) you need just click on
the icon with a question mark to reach this node.

>           I have also tried the flag -fullname listed in the gdb manual
> page but that did now work either.

You need to kill the GUD buffer started with --annotate=3 first i.e both
sessions need to be run with --fullname.

> Multiple debugging has always worked fine for me in GNU Emacs 21.4 and
> earlier.

Well both sessions really need the same debugger e.g gdb, not gdb and perldb
and there are minor annoyances like only having one overlay arrow but if you
don't mind this you should find it still works.

The new mode for GDB (node: GDB Graphical Interface) has many new features.
If you really need multiple debugging, I would recommend a separate Emacs
instance for each debug session, if possible.


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