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ispell and localisation

From: Barutan Seijin
Subject: ispell and localisation
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 22:34:18 -0500
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I have Japanese set for my environment, but I want to spell check
English.  (The concept of checking spelling in Japanese doesn't even
make sense).  Anyway, ispell checks the locale before choosing a
dictionary, but when it discovers I have a Japanese setup, it quits.

Is there a way to invoke ispell so that instead of quitting it'll use an
English dictionary?

As it is now, hitting M-$ gives me this:

Loading newcomment...done
Mark set
Loading ispell...done
Starting new Ispell process...
ispell-init-process: Error: No word lists can be found for the language "ja_JP".

Barutan Seijin -- address@hidden

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