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RE: Shifting a column left or right using key

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Shifting a column left or right using key
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 11:05:50 -0700

    It might be useful to the rest of us tyros to see something like this in
    these cases:

    >(In v22 or cvs) C-h d rectangle RET mentions some more.

    In half of the things I try (after reading about them here) I find
    that they are just roundabout ways of running the ding function. If
    I knew only as much as I did six months ago this would have been a
    complete mystery to me. Now that I have 22.0.50, I can quickly run
    that too and retry the example in that version. With the version
    note included, those without the cvs loaded in their systems would
    not have bothered to try the exampe. (More efficient, no?)

Speaking of "complete mystery", I had to read your post a couple times to
figure out what you were saying (maybe I was low on coffee).  I do agree
with your point, however, which, for any others who had trouble parsing your
message, is just this: It helps to mention the version of Emacs you're
talking about.

BTW, if the OP had referenced the command name (`apropos-documentation'),
instead of only the new keybinding (`C-h d'), there would have been no need
to know the Emacs version. The command itself is not new; it is as old as
the hills.

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