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RE: make `bookmark-jump' use ido?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: make `bookmark-jump' use ido?
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 09:12:07 -0700

    > They both involve completion in some way, as do other libraries;
    > that's all they have in common AFAIK.

    That's a nice idea about "M-x: minibuffer input completion and cycling."
    Just tried icicles, it looks to me, a bit too slow and noisy. It keeps
    on prompting "Displaying completion candicates."  Also, maybe the color
    is too much?

You mention three things here, without detail: speed, noise, colors. Some
responses below - beyond that, it might be better to take this off list. You
are welcome to file a bug report (just use `M-x customize-group icicles' and
click the button `Send Bug Report'). Alternatively, you can post feedback on
Emacs Wiki:

1. Speed - What do you find slow? There are so many aspects to Icicles, and
so many options and ways to use it, that I don't know what you are referring
to. I've never had any feedback before that any part of Icicles is slow,

Perhaps you are referring to the default behavior of requiring confirmation
(RET) of a completion choice. Ido and Iswitchb users are in the habit of
exiting the minibuffer whenever one of the completion candidates is uniquely
determined, without needing to hit RET to confirm. This behavior is
configurable in Icicles too. It is not the default behavior because it
limits your input to one of the candidates. In this, Icicles default
behavior is the same as that of Emacs (e.g. `switch-to-buffer' and
`find-file'. See

2. Noise (message "Displaying completion candicates...") - Thx for the
heads-up on this. You should not see this message if you type input (pending
input always inhibits `message'). Display and incremental update of buffer
*Completions* (which this message accompanies) is also configurable - there
are several different behaviors possible. I never see that message myself,
BTW, because I also use Icomplete (and Icomplete+: see, which preempts
the echo area.

In any case, I've fixed it now so that the message appears only when there
are more candidates than option `icicle-incremental-completion-threshold'
(which is 1000 by default). Thx.

3. Colors - All of the Icicles faces (colors) are customizable. If the
default colors don't fit your color scheme, change them. It is impossible to
have a default set of colors that fits all user color schemes.

    > Yes. I was too at one time ;-).

    Do you not use ido anymore nowadays?

No. I use Icicles for all input completion, of any kind.

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