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RE: Command in nxml-mode to show the current place in the structure(path

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Command in nxml-mode to show the current place in the structure(path)?
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 09:02:41 -0700

    compactly indicates where in the
    structure we currently are. For example,
    <e><a><b>oh</b><c/><d>point is here</d></a></e>
    The command in question should show something like /e/a/d, i.e.,
    an XML path to the current element.

I haven't (yet) used nxml (if it supported XML Schema, I'd use it in a
heartbeat), but I second your suggestion about path/position feedback
(assuming that feature is not already in nxml).

Taking it further, XPath navigation (not just telling you where you are)
would be helpful (a must, no?). I'd like an XML editor to take an XPath
expression and select (if multi-regions are available), or at least
highlight, all of the targeted nodes - and then let me cycle through them,
navigating to them. And that includes navigation using relative XPath
expressions (navigate from where point is now, along different axes).

There are lots of other things an XML editor could do if it was XPath-aware.
Perhaps nxml already is; I don't know. That could be a separate library
(xpath.el?), I suppose, but it sure would be useful.

Taking it one step further, how about an XQuery mode (every XPath expression
is an XQuery expression)?

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