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Re: tramp default method

From: VR
Subject: Re: tramp default method
Date: 26 May 2006 11:59:56 -0700
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>> I am trying to use tramp for editing a file on a remote machine. It
>> always tries to go though ftp. I tried changing it to scp adding this
>> line in my custom.el

>> (setq tramp-default-method "scp")

>Tramp's default method is "ssh" (or "plink" under MS Windows); so it
>is mysterious if it always takes "ftp". Are you sure Tramp is loaded?
>What is the output of "C-h v file-name-handler-alist" or "C-h v

Yeah, so I thought. C-h v file-name-handler-alist gives:
`file-name-handler-alist' is a simple built-in variable.

Value: (("\\`/\\[.*\\]" . tramp-file-name-handler) ("^/[^/:]+:" .

I can't seem to have the variable tramp-version in. I assume Tramp is
loaded, I get all sorts of tramp variables, but not everything, like
the one you just mentioned. Confused...


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