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Re: emacs and smtpmail

From: harry meyers
Subject: Re: emacs and smtpmail
Date: 2 Jul 2006 06:35:06 -0700
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John Paul Wallington schrieb:

> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
> > FWIW, I was tripped by this as well, back when I started using
> > smtpmail.  The documentation should be clearer on the type of the
> > value, IMHO: it currently could be interpreted as if "25" is allowed,
> > and will be magically converted to a number:
> >
> >       The variable `smtpmail-smtp-service' controls the port on the
> >     server to contact.  It is either a string, in which case it will be
> >     translated into an integer using system calls, or an integer.
> Harry says that specifying a port number as a string worked under
> XEmacs.  Do you think it would be a good idea to handle strings
> representing an integer in `make-network-process' ?  Alternatively, we
> could add such support as a special case to the smtpmail library
> instead.

Thanks a lot to all. I changed it to an integer and everthing works
properly now. I am not sure anymore of how the string came  into play.
Maybe I inserted it manually in my ~/init.el, but did not change the
settings in my custom.el which I did with "customize". So the wrong
"setq" setting was ignored. But that's only a guess.
BTW: I am not sure what ist better - to customize or do it manually
with "setq". If you use customize your ~/.emacs gradually becomes
confusing. But OTOH if you do it with "setq" bad syntax may be the


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