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Re: One more time: binding overwrite-mode to Apple kbd

From: don provan
Subject: Re: One more time: binding overwrite-mode to Apple kbd
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 12:30:42 -0700
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kj <address@hidden> writes:

> In <address@hidden> Mathias Dahl <address@hidden> writes:
>>don provan <address@hidden> writes:
> Nothing smart about it, I'm afraid.  I just *never* find myself
> accidentally hitting the <insert> key so it is never a problem.

Really? I hit it by accident almost as often as the caps lock.

> (The caps lock key, on the other hand, has more than once led to
> massive mayhem and destruction in my rare sessions with
> that-other-text-editor.)

Amen, brother.

> I think Emacs' overwrite-mode is very
> handy whenever I'm editing text in which, for visual/legibility
> reasons, the position of characters on the line matters; it's faster
> than inserting the new and deleting the old.  If there's a better
> alternative, I'm all ears.

I think deep down, I can see this, but I'm rarely in this position,
and when I am, I only think of delete/replace, never overwrite.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to malign you or your decisions, it's just
that I feel exactly the same way about both buttons, so I'm sure you
can excuse my knee-jerk reaction.

Just don't get me started on the Windows "Application" key....


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