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Re: turn on flyspell mode permanently in .emacs

From: Sebastian P. Luque
Subject: Re: turn on flyspell mode permanently in .emacs
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 21:32:55 -0500
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On 22 Aug 2006 15:46:44 -0700,
address@hidden wrote:


> To keep things simple, I have otherwise been opening the .emacs file,
> which puts me in a buffer titled .emacs, but the exact name of the mode
> seems to be trickier. I get a pulldown menu titled Emacs-Lisp, which
> might suggest that I'm in Emacs-Lisp-mode. However M-x Emacs-Lisp-mode
> returns no match. I guess this is really beside the issue, because I
> don't want to have to worry about what mode I'm in. I just want flyspell
> to be on all the time. Is it just wishful thinking that there might be
> an any-mode-hook?

Why not simply do 'customize-option text-mode-hook'?  There's even a
button for turn-on-flyspell, which in my Emacs activates flyspell mode for
most modes.  Choose to save your changes for future sessions.

Of course, comment all other customizations you may have outside the
'customize' interface.  You can later study whether the modes you want
flyspell for call the text-mode-hook, and add them to the appropriate mode
hook if they don't.



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