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Trying to write an emacs lisp function

From: jkarres
Subject: Trying to write an emacs lisp function
Date: 27 Aug 2006 20:17:44 -0700
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I'm trying to write a function such that when you use it, all the
windows on the current frame will be deleted, and for each deleted
window, a new frame will be created, displaying the same buffer that
the just-deleted window had been displaying.  When it is finished
running, the original frame/window should still be on top (/in
focus/active/however you say it).

This is what I have so far:

(defun windows-into-frames ()
  "If the current frame has more than one window,
make each window display in its own
seperate frame."
  (setq original-frame (selected-frame))
  (while (not (one-window-p t))
    (other-window 1)
    (select-frame original-frame)))

Apparently "select-frame" doesn't work quite like I thought.  Can
anybody help me out?


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