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Re: format-mode-line function

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: format-mode-line function
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 09:46:45 -0600
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Tim X wrote:
I have a problem with a "missing" function and wanted to get some
feedback from others on the group.
I'm using a package which uses the function format-mode-line. This
works with emacs 22, but I get a void function error with emacs 21. On
checking the emacs NEWS file, it indicates this function has been in
emacs since emacs 21.1. I have emacs 21.4, but the function does not
seem to exist. I'm running Debian with the Debian build of emacs 21
from 2005.
I am wondering if this is a function that has somehow been lost with
mods applied by Debian as I cannot find anything wrong with my
Could a few people running version 21 of emacs please check if they
have the function and post their results together with the output from

Try apply-mode-line-format.el in Emacs 21:


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