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Re: AucTeX 11.83 and MikTeX 2.5

From: Robert McDonald
Subject: Re: AucTeX 11.83 and MikTeX 2.5
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:06:07 GMT
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Ralf Angeli wrote:

Please don't edit files directly.  There is a reason these things are
implemented as a customizable option.  What Reiner meant was that you
use `M-x customize-variable RET TeX-output-view-style RET', change the
value and save it.

Ouch!  Please don't recommend something like that!  Again, there is
the possibility to change the variable values without changing a
file.  Don't do this!

Thank you Ralf. You're quite right on all counts. Implementing Reiner's original change as a customization fixes everything. After reading through the various AucTeX files trying to figure out what was going on, for some reason it never occurred to me to customize to solve the problem, and so I didn't pick up on that from Reiner's suggestion. Also, to be honest, I didn't really understand tex-source-specials-mode (for my purposes it suffices to leave specials on all the time) so I didn't understand the greater ramifications you mentioned. But now that I see how it works and how easily it adapts to different systems, my admiration for AucTeX and Emacs is all the greater.



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