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Re: no color syntax highlighting in emacs over SSH

From: Kaloian Doganov
Subject: Re: no color syntax highlighting in emacs over SSH
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 15:23:31 +0300
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DeeplyPipelined <address@hidden> writes:

    I should also mention that when I use emacs over X on the SSH,
    syntax highlighting works.

What you mean exactly by "using emacs over X on the SSH"?

    It stops working in TTY mode over SSH. The remote machine has
    emacs 21.2.2 on a SunSPARC Solaris 2.8.
    Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated!

Did you tried

  M-x font-lock-mode

on the remote machine (over SSH)?  If you login over SSH and start
Emacs from the remote shell, you're actually starting another instance
of Emacs.  You want font locking, then you have to turn it on for that
instance too.

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