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Re: Troubles with abbrev-mode

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Troubles with abbrev-mode
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 00:17:34 +0200
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Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:

>>> `message-mode' derived from `text-mode': Do we have guidelines /
>>> conventions / best practice in Emacs on how to deal with abbrevs in
>>> derived modes?
>> As I'm not really involved in emacs development I don't know. Should
>> I start a new thread about point 2 in gmane.emacs.devel?
> Maybe a good idea.

Gnmpf, I cannot reproduce the problem anymore. I don't even know if the
problem existed sometime at all or if I was confused, which is more

,----[ ~/uni/repos/heimdall-uni/programs/elisp/th-abbrev.el ]
| [...]
| (define-abbrev-table 'th-emacs-lisp-mode-abbrev-table
|   '(("da" "(defalias °)" (lambda ()
|                            (th-abbrev-set-point)))
|     [...] ))))
| (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook
|           (lambda ()
|             (setq local-abbrev-table th-emacs-lisp-mode-abbrev-table)
|             (th-abbrev-mode-initialize)))
| (define-abbrev-table 'th-message-mode-abbrev-table
|   '([...]
|     ("vg" "Viele Grüße,\n°" (lambda ()
|                               (th-abbrev-set-point)))))
| (add-hook 'message-mode-hook
|           (lambda ()
|             (setq local-abbrev-table th-message-mode-abbrev-table)
|             (th-abbrev-mode-initialize)))

Whenever I add an abbrev interactively it goes into the local
abbrev-table (one of the th-<mode>-abbrev-tables), which is correct.

So the only question is why gnus uses text-mode-abbrev-table (where
interactively added abbrevs go, too) when there's a
message-mode-abbrev-table in `edit-abbrevs' by default.

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