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Re: multiple search strings in query-replace-regexp

From: Ilya Zakharevich
Subject: Re: multiple search strings in query-replace-regexp
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 08:57:40 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: trn [how to get a version via %-escapes???] with a custom header

[A complimentary Cc of this posting was NOT [per weedlist] sent to
David Kastrup 
<address@hidden>], who wrote in article <address@hidden>:
> > [A complimentary Cc of this posting was NOT [per weedlist] sent to
> > David Kastrup 
> > <address@hidden>],
> I already told you to leave off "complimentary copies" to group
> articles: they are a breach of netiquette since they add no valuable
> information at all and tend to confuse the recipient into having to
> reply multiple times: once in mail, and later, when the mistake has
> been noticed, on the group again.

Fill free to read this header again.  Thanks.

BTW, you know that sending BLIND Cc is considered a breach of
netiquette, right, and you know the reasons?  And still you do it...

> Please stop this nuisance.  You can expect that people writing on
> Usenet groups are also reading there.

Your statement would have some significance if Usenet were a reliable
media.  It was not 20 years ago.  It still is not.

> >> >> C-M-% \(foo\)\|\(rock\)\|metal RET
> >> >> \,(cond (\1 "bar") (\2 "house") ("goa")) RET
> >> >
> >> > To make it useful, one needs a function to count the number of
> >> > parentheses in a given regular expression.  Is there?
> >
> >> Uh WHAT?  You just type the above stuff.  Why would that not be
> >> useful?
> >
> > How many people do you know who would type something like this?  :-(

> Well, enough for the idiom to be useful.  That's why it was invented
> and documented.

Enough to invent and document it.  AFAIK, not enough for it to be useful.

> > And to have a "generally usable" wrapper, one needs a way to
> > identify how many paren groups are inside your "foo" and "rock"
> > regular expressions.
> I can't actually think of a user interface for such a wrapper that
> would not really complicate things.  In particular if you want to
> refer to matched groups in the replacements, it is pretty hard to come
> up with anything close to a useful interface.

All this means is that you had a bad day.  Just revisit it in a day or
so, if you do not know the answer already.  [Hint at the end of the
message. ;-]


Hint: one presses ENTER to end the replacement string.  What about
pressing something els, like C-u ENTER?  ;-)

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