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Re: current directory

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: current directory
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 14:32:20 -0600
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vb wrote:
As I said, look around, check out Crisp for instance, you would be surprised:

`C-h a crisp RET' yields:

crisp-mode                    M-x ... RET
  Command: Toggle CRiSP/Brief emulation minor mode.

And here's what the Emulation node of the Emacs manual says about it:

CRiSP/Brief (PC editor)
     You can turn on key bindings to emulate the CRiSP/Brief editor with
     `M-x crisp-mode'.  Note that this rebinds `M-x' to exit Emacs
     unless you set the variable `crisp-override-meta-x'.  You can also
     use the command `M-x scroll-all-mode' or set the variable
     `crisp-load-scroll-all' to emulate CRiSP's scroll-all feature
     (scrolling all windows together).

no long keystrokes, much wider use of keys (say astersk on the numeric keypad and on the main keyboard are naturally assigned to different key codes _ still have to find the way to achieve this with emacs, and I've tried!).

The "Rebinding Function Keys" node of the Emacs manual says:

`kp-add', `kp-subtract', `kp-multiply', `kp-divide'
`kp-backtab', `kp-space', `kp-tab', `kp-enter'
`kp-separator', `kp-decimal', `kp-equal'
     Keypad keys (to the right of the regular keyboard), with names or

`kp-0', `kp-1', ... `kp-9'
     Keypad keys with digits.

So: (global-set-key [kp-multiply] 'some-useful-command)

> You
> can write macros in object oriented c-like language, not in this weird lisp > which is a remnant of computing stone age (I know, I know that it is still
> used to teach students).

Good grief.


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