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Re: pasting many times

From: rgb
Subject: Re: pasting many times
Date: 25 Oct 2006 11:09:24 -0700
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Drew Adams wrote:
> > FWIW, I happen to agree with Mathias. If I want an earlier
>     > kill, I use C-y M-y.
>     FWIW, I agree with Drew C-y M-yyy... is the way to go for me since I
>     usually don't memorise the kill-ring by heart.

I too agree.  But for those who can remember such things...
Positive args can yank multiple times.
Negative args can retrieve prior kills.
Even if you *can* remember X number of kills you're not likely
to ever find it more convenient to yank the (kill-ring-max - n)th
entry (which isn't even documented to work anyway).

Yank can be changed like this:
;  (insert-for-yank (current-kill (cond
;                                 ((listp arg) 0)
;                                 ((eq arg '-) -2)
;                                 (t (1- arg)))))
   ((listp arg) (insert-for-yank (current-kill 0)))
   ((eq arg '-) (insert-for-yank (current-kill -2)))
   ((> arg 0)   (dotimes (x arg) (insert-for-yank (current-kill 0))))
   (t (insert-for-yank (current-kill (- arg)))))

>     And when we are at it.  I do not understand why M-y depends on C-y at
>     all, lets just take the second entry of kill-ring by default and third
>     and fourth and so on?

Here here.

>     Now we are already 4 forgetful people, could this be made into an
>     official feature request (for after the release ;-)?

Make that 5.

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