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Re: emacs in xterm

From: jmg3000
Subject: Re: emacs in xterm
Date: 28 Oct 2006 08:51:18 -0700
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zeycus wrote:
> Hi everybody. I am new to Debian (and Linux, in general), and I am having a
> problem with something. I am used to emacs in normal terminals. Now I
> started using X-windows, and when I type the command 'emacs' in a xterm it
> is xemacs which is launched, with a fancy window, different font, etc. But,
> what if I prefer the old behaviour, expecting that emacs would make use of
> the whole particular xterm from which it is launched? I wish just that, with
> the same font I am using in that xterm, etc. The way it behaves if I launch
> emacs before starting theX-windows.

Well, this doesn't seem to be Debian- or xterm-related. Also, if you
have only the "emacs" packages installed (not xemacs), XEmacs doesn't
factor in here either. Sounds like you should check the GNU Emacs
manual for this, like so:

info emacs

Hm. Let's scroll down to "* Command Arguments::", since it mentions
startup options. We want emacs to startup in the shell instead of a new
X window. (to use that menu, scroll down 'til the cursor is on it
somewhere, then hit RET)

Ok, this looks right. Let's go to "* Initial Options::", since it says
it's related to stuff that takes effect when we start emacs.

There we are! The answer is the third one down! :) Hit q to quit.

BTW, now that you know how to navigate info with arrow keys (or
C-n/C-p) and the Return key, try it the fast way:

info emacs RET
m command a TAB RET m ini TAB RET

(note, hitting TAB gets you autocomplete with those menu names) :)

For more quick help on using the info command, besides the manual (and
built-in tutorial), you could look at my quick help sheet if you like:


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