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Re: info files

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: info files
Date: 31 Oct 2006 09:58:23 -0800
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Dan Bensen wrote:
> address@hidden wrote:
> > As well as getting the TexInfo package from somewhere you might want to
> > check your system is OK.
> This is a fresh install of Zenwalk, which used to be Minislack.  The CD
> was current as of this past summer.

I see.  People from the corner of the world near Slackware tend to like
"minimalism" as a result they tend not to use Emacs and so tend not to
support it well.  Possibly none of the developers have ever noticed
that the manuals don't come up properly because they don't use Emacs or
info.  (Understand this isn't a direct allegation against Zenwalk, it's
just been something I've noticed in other Slackware derivatives).

Slackware itself supports Emacs reasonably though.

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