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Re: questions about columns

From: haws
Subject: Re: questions about columns
Date: 11 Jan 2007 11:08:48 -0800
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I can answer the first one:

You have to pass the argument before calling the function, like this:
Type C-8 C-0 C-u

Then, as soon as you type M-x, you will see an 80 preceding it in the
That will be the argument to the function you want to call.

(Btw, you can use numeric arguments for a lot of commands. For example,
try typing C-5 C-n to go not 1, but 5 lines down)

Another good tip if you're a beginner is the key sequence C-h k,
followed by any other key sequence. This will describe what that
keybindings does.
For example, if I type C-h k C-u, I'll get:

C-u runs the command universal-argument
Begin a numeric argument for the following command.

Hope you could understand me!


address@hidden escreveu:

> I need to make the text version of my resume slim so it can fit into
> online forms and look nice.  I tried M-x set-fill-prefix which seems to
> work but M-x set-fill-column gives me the error:
> set-fill-column requires an explicit argument
> but doesn't give me a chance to set it.  How do I?
> Also, is there a way from within emacs to do something like the "pr"
> command (formats text into columns of a given width and page length)?
> In other words, can emacs massage text into a newspaper-like format?
> I'm using version:
> XEmacs 21.4 (patch 19) "Constant Variable" [Lucid] (i486-linux-gnu,
> Mule) of Fri Nov  3 2006 on penell
> Thanks!

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