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Re: How to apply a minor mode to all buffers

From: James Aguilar
Subject: Re: How to apply a minor mode to all buffers
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 08:30:31 -0800

On 1/19/07, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
Actually, I'm not surprised at all that this functionality is missing . . .

Hmm, I figured that there might be a rationale.  However, if that is true, then why are there global minor modes like global-font-lock-mode?

Could you perhaps be more specific in the description of what you
want?  Specifically, what files do you visit in the buffers that you
must have in column marker mode?  Do these files have some special
extension, or turn on some specific major or minor modes, or have
something else in common?

The purpose is allowing my window to be wider than eighty characters but knowing where the eighty character limit is.  Some of my coworkers write code that is wider than eighty characters.  However, I cannot stand wide code and company policy is an 80 character max.  So I'd like to be able to easily read the long-lined code, but I'd also like to have a guard that will prevent me from going over the line.

This applies to several programming languages, text files, configuration files, and even non-files (I have a personal aversion to >80 chars in all files I edit).  Since my only use for emacs is to edit these kinds of files, I'd like to have a guard at the end so that I can know when I'm over the line.

auto-fill-mode will not work because I don't want to have to do a code review for all those lines in every file I change.  Also, it sometimes inserts newlines in places I would not want it to.  For instance, if I'm coming to the end of the line and I'm writing the _expression_ (x + y), auto-fill-mode may insert the newline before or after the plus.  In either case, by the time I have realized this has happened, I have to add my own newline before the open parenthesis and delete the auto-fill-added newline.  It would be easier if it stayed on one line and there was a guard.  I can accomplish this behavior by setting my window width, but, as I mentioned, that is an unsuitable solution for me.

Maybe this will help you understand my problem.

James Aguilar
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