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Re: emacs and PuTTY

From: John Oliver
Subject: Re: emacs and PuTTY
Date: 26 Jan 2007 21:25:25 GMT
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On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 14:30:33 -0600, Billy Patton wrote:
> I know this is not much help, but I had the same problem at a contract 
> job.  All  I can remember is that I fixed it in my .Xdefaults.
> Unfortunately I don't have access to that company anymore and I don't 
> remember how I arrived at the fix.  I think I used to 
> ask a question (a unix group).
> search for bpatton, might be of some help

I tried searching, but found only this post.

Were you having an issue with Xemacs?  I don't see how .Xdefaults would
affect a purely CLI environment... the user with the problem is on a
windows PC and uses the CLI emacs.  Xemacs works perfectly for everyone

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