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emacs 21.1 color highligh

From: Ask
Subject: emacs 21.1 color highligh
Date: 30 Jan 2007 04:20:01 -0800
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I am using Emacs 21.1 using ssh client (windows machine) on a Unix/
Linux server. Emacs opens the file in console itself which I am fine 
with. X-type of environment my ssh client is incapable of providing. 
Even though it is emacs *21.1*, it doesn't show the color higlighting. 
I did execute Alt-X font-lock-mode. All it did, instead of showing 
colors, made language constructs for exampke keywords, comments etc 
bolder. My console still looked Black & White. I noticed I was using 
bash shell and TERM was set to vt100.

What am I missing to get the colors seen ?


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