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reftex+cc mode?

From: Jeff D. Hamann
Subject: reftex+cc mode?
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 14:37:35 -0800

I'm not sure how uncool this question is, but...

Are there any emacs packages, modes, anything that allows people to navigate 
around in a c/c++/fortran/etc. file with the ease of moving around a LaTeX 
in reftex?

For example, out of habit this afternoon, I wanted to navigate around in a 
couple of source code files, and intsinctively hit reftex's C-c = 
(reftex-toc) thinking I would have a list of functions and that I could 
simply move to the function, variable definition, etc. I wanted, hit return 
and get to work. I then thought, huh, that would be a great package to be 
able to navigate around in a software project much like I do in latex/sweave 

Is there anything like this? I've never gotten ECB to work (win32 problem, 
dependencies, etc.?) and I don't know of a way to automagically generate 
TAGS files, but think this would be dreamy!


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