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Re: Accents through Mac OS Terminal

From: googlegroups
Subject: Re: Accents through Mac OS Terminal
Date: 8 Feb 2007 16:27:03 -0800
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On Feb 8, 7:13 pm, Pascal Bourguignon <address@hidden> wrote:
> The problem is that emacs accepts by defaults 7-bit ASCII with the 8th
> bit meaning Meta- is pressed.
> So if you want to use the 8th bit to encode characters (be it
> iso-8859-1 or multibyte like UTF-8), then you need to configure
> to send an ESC for Meta- (you can do that in the Window
> Preferences of, keyboard pane).

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the idea. I assume you mean the checkbox labelled "Use
option key as meta key". Regardless of the setting of that switch it
doesn't work. For example, to type e-acute I'd press option-e then e.
  - With it on then I get the beep on pressing option-e
  - With it off when I press option-e I see the "pending" accent but
pressing 'e' the pending accent disappears and I get a beep.

(I have made the locale setting you suggested as well.)

Any other thoughts?


p.s. I've tried emacs in the local shell which is version 21.2.1 and
that doesn't work either, so it isn't the ssh connection. Local vi
does work.

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