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Re: OT -- An extremely dumb curiosity question?

From: Rjjd
Subject: Re: OT -- An extremely dumb curiosity question?
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 03:50:10 GMT
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I started using Barry Scott's emacs at DEC sometime around 1985 (I can't remember which year!). The first sentence in its manual began "You are about to read about emacs, ...". It sounds like a warning. You expect the next clause to be "and you'll never be the same again", but I think it was something like "the ultimate editor" or "the world's most powerful editor". (Does anyone recall?)

In 1995, I started using gnu emacs, doing C programming on Unix, with what seem today the primitive facilities of etags, compile, and gud/gdb. Also rmail, which at the time couldn't handle attachments. While working for a defense company (bleah) for a few months last year, doing C++ programming, I started setting up ecb. The IDE tools orbiting emacs are not all that well integrated, but they are truly ingenious. (Programmers need the editing/interfacing tools of emacs, and the integration of Visual Studio.)

This group is invaluable, and I am grateful to its contributors, who evidently have a lot of free time...


William Case wrote:

What are all you people doing with emacs ?

I took an early retirement and now spend most of my time in a nicely
fixed up den or office in the basement, on my computer using Fedora Core
6.  I am learning and exploring computers more and more every day.  I
love it; I have come to firmly believe computers should be for the older
and not the young.

The point of my question is I use emacs to write an occasional bash
script or a small C program.  I screw around with beginners level lisp
and watch things not work.  But as I read the posts on the mailing list
it is obvious emacs is being used for much much more.  Sometimes it
seems it has replaced the Gnome or KDE desktop.  Outside of programming,
I am having trouble imagining why people would use it.  Do you use it
full screen all the time; only in a terminal or a virtual terminal?  Is
it the only program you have running at start up with everything else
being done by command line?
I ask here because none of my friends have any idea what I am talking

This is a casual chatty question not to be taken too seriously, but if
some of you are taking a break from your real work, I would be really
interested in knowing just what people really do with it.  Emacs I mean.

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