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Re: Auto-spell-checking buffers when I close emacs

From: Matthew Flaschen
Subject: Re: Auto-spell-checking buffers when I close emacs
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 22:51:48 -0500
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Kelly Jones wrote:
> Thanks, Matthew. I feel really bad, because, after reading your post, I
> added:
> (add-to-list 'kill-emacs-query-functions 'ispell-buffer)
> to ~/.emacs, and that does exactly what I want.

I assume you know that will only spell-check the current buffer.

Don't feel bad.  I learned something, and it didn't take that long. :)

> I overstated my request: I sometimes use emacs to edit wiki pages and
> want emacs to remind me if I try to save w/o spellchecking.

Cool, I'm an admin on Wikipedia.  I'm glad to help a fellow wikier :)

Matthew Flaschen

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