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ps-pring questions

From: thorne
Subject: ps-pring questions
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 15:17:47 -0800
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Hello.  I am looking into trying to use the functionality in
`ps-print.el' to do things perhaps it was not really meant for (but
maybe it was; what do i know?) and wondering if anyone has any insight
about a couple-three questions.

1.  Is there a way (in Emacs lisp) to set not just the font family,
but the font style (bold, etc) of header lines?  It seems to be
defaulting to bold, but looking at the code, i haven't figured out
where it's getting this.

2.  Related: is there a way to get ps-print to use a different font
style default for the whole document?  My .emacs has a cusomize line
that sets the default font style to semi-bold for all buffers so i can
see it, but i'd rather ps-print treated the default as regular,
non-bold.  Any idea how to do this?  Can default font properties be
set in a buffer-local way?

3.  Is there a way to get ps-print to suppress the header for the
first page of the output only?


þ    theron tlax    þ

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