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Re: Looking for an ediff window setup function - two files in new frames

From: Bob Doolittle
Subject: Re: Looking for an ediff window setup function - two files in new frames
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 19:23:56 -0500
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Lennart Borgman gmail - address@hidden wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
Does anybody have or know the whereabouts of an elisp
ediff-window-setup-function which makes two new
frames to display the files being diff'd?  It should then
delete the frames when the ediff completes/quits.

This seems like it'd be highly desirable and is probably
already written somewhere.  I want this because I'm
driving the ediff from gnuclient and using an existing
version of emacs.


Couldn't you just call make-frame-command first in the function you call from gnuclient and then call ediff?

Or just do the call in two steops from gnuclient?

In my case there's a chance (not a certainty) the files are already open in existing frames, so this doesn't work. I'm a pretty crude elisp hacker, but I did write a function to make-frame and then find-file in that frame for each file first, but I couldn't get the cleanup to work (couldn't find a suitable hook in ediff where the buffers/frames weren't active). It seems it would be easier in a window-setup-function, since this is its job.


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