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The news that your govt wants you not to see:

From: stj911
Subject: The news that your govt wants you not to see: Re: *** It is IMPOSSIBLE to create a RABBIT FARM using the hat a MAGICIAN pulls a rabbit out of ***
Date: 6 Apr 2007 09:47:32 -0700
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Bookmark it. and to avoid a little form to submit, just remember this
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On Apr 4, 12:07 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> Please,,
> I am surprised at the number of un-informed, ill-informed sheeple on
> earth as well as politically correct hypocrites.
> Several polls have consistently shown that about 84% of the American
> people believe that 911 was an inside job. The fact is the 911 was a
> RACIST AND HEINOUS CRIME by a group of criminal and racist Americans
> themselves. There is no video that Federal Bureau of Incompetence
> could produce of plane hitting the Pentagon. On the contrary, they
> acted as Foolish PATSIES for the criminal operators of 911 by
> confiscating and destroying all other camera footage from buildings
> around Pentagon. Next, WTC7 just committed suicide. Thermate residue
> has been found as finger print left by the criminals. Please visit
>, and many other sites.
> 911 official story is a forgery like the protocols of the learned
> elders of zion. It is as fake as a magician pulling a rabbit out of
> his hat, and does that mean you can have a rabbit farm from that hat?
> I cant believe how many idiots that we have.
> And the most interesting thing is that most lead researchers of the
> movement are either Christian or Jewish. The MIT engineer, Jeff King
> does not sound like an Arab name.
> Now what is the connection with Europe? Note the very first post in
> this discussion starts with Islamophobia. Its probably a patsy of the
> criminal cabal that pulled off 911. We have a strong feeling that
> almost ALL THE INTELLIGENCE CHIEFS of EUROPE knew instantly that 911
> was a fraud. President Putin himself had carried out such a false flag
> operation based on blowing Moscow apartment buildings to enter the
> second Chechen war.
> Jon Carlson has written an excellent investigative piece entitled
> "Russia Watched 9/11 In Real Time On Satellite" which you can find via
> google using these clues.
> Racists of Europe, such as in France, Holland were immediately ready
> to take full advantage of 911 hoax. India, immediately understood that
> 911 was a hoax and staged its own fake terrorist attacks to harass
> Pakistan. Bush used it to harass Pakistan into submitting the father
> of their nuclear bomb, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan to CIA interrogation.
> There was another goal of 911. Scare Muslim leader into becoming
> patsies to destroy their society from within. Once it is internally
> weak, then a stone can be shattered by one blow. Iraq was thus first
> weakened by sanctions, and then attack to shatter it.
> By God, they will not succeed. Elohim has power over all things. The
> universe has hidden dimension and God watches everything from there.
> That is what is happening. They can conspire but they will be
> defeated. All those who have died in Iraq from crimes are going to go
> to heaven. All the Americans who have committed atrocities will go to
> hell. All Americans or Iraqis who will do good deeds will be judged
> accordingly. God has absolutely no partiality towards any religion or
> race.
> You are seeing events move extremely fast.
> Iran has brought UK to a stalemate. Hezbollah has essentially defeated
> Israel, in the sense that the latter has failed to obtain its
> objectives of the war. The racist and heinous crime of the 911
> operators has been exposed. This is the lynchpin from which will
> follow a large change in the world, but not in the way the 911
> operators of controlled demolition intended, but totally opposite. The
> wife cheaters, the newt gingrichs, the pedophiles reagans herbert
> bush, as in the video "conspiracy of silence" where FBI criminals
> tried to criminally coverup is now exposed. This is never going to go
> away. The video evidence is far and wide dispersed on earth and
> archived.
> The true believers from all faiths have joined hands and will not be
> divided by pedophile, sex crazed, wife cheaters and genocidal
> murderers and their deception and lies based on psychological tactics
> of Edward Bernays.
> I ask you all for a moment of silence in the honor of 911 truth
> movement people, Alex Jones, Dr Steven Jones, Dr Fetzer, Dr Jeff King
> and many others I am failing to mention but God knows them and their
> reward is with Him.

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