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cua-mode and long key sequences

From: mopi
Subject: cua-mode and long key sequences
Date: 17 Apr 2007 01:26:25 -0700
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There is some special cases in cua mode that I want to improve. I'm
sure this has already been solved several times already so I turn to
the Emacs wizards in this group.

Consider the following:
1. Mark a region.
2. Type C-c and press the home button.

What I want to do is copy the region and go to the beginning of the
line. Instead of this Emacs helpfully greets me with "C-c <home> is
undefined". I understand the reason for this but I'm sure it's
possible to make it do what I want.

I have looked in cua.el but it isn't that clear to me what command C-c

The key sequences I want to modify is
C-c <home>
C-c <end>
C-c <next>
C-c <prior>
C-x <home>
C-x <end>
C-x <next>
C-x <prior>

Any suggestions or pointers to further reading?


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