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search/replace in gettext files

From: Tim Morley
Subject: search/replace in gettext files
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 18:19:48 GMT
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Not sure if this group is the ideal place for this question, but couldn't find a newsgroup dedicated to GNU gettext questions. Please do point me in the right direction if there's a better place.

My question: I'd like to be able to do a global search and replace operation on the translations held in a tree of .po files. The original English strings mustn't be changed, so I need something that will parse the files, pick out the translated text, and perform the search/replace only on those elements.

I'm aware of msgexec, and I attempted this:

  ~$ msgexec -i temp.po sed s/foo/bar/g

but the result was just a list of the changed items sent to stdout, not the whole original file with the each 'foo' changed to 'bar' as I need.

Any suggestions or advice gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.


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