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Re: *** Dr G Polya BRILLIANTLY analyses the Virgina Shooting Incident **

From: Fred Bloggs
Subject: Re: *** Dr G Polya BRILLIANTLY analyses the Virgina Shooting Incident ***
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:59:28 GMT
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address@hidden wrote:
On Apr 24, 2:09 pm, Quadibloc <address@hidden> wrote:

The Real Andy wrote:

Makes me wonder about the credibility of any statement Dr Gideon Polya

I never thought that I would feel the urge to call someone an
edelweiss-eating Tanzanian devil, but Dr. Polya proved that I lacked

(Note that "Tanzanian" is pronounced Tan.zan._ee_.yan, not; one wouldn't want to spoil the effect.)

What really spoils the effect is that Dr. Polya lives in Tasmania, a
state of Australia, and not in Tanzania, which is a country in East

Semi-literate Americans do tend to confuse the two places, as they
also tend confuse Australia and Austria. Oddly enough, edelweiss grows
in Austria, so Dr. Polya would have to import it from Europe if he
were in the habit of dining on edelweiss - which would be an eccentric
habit, even in Austria, where the flower doesn't form part of the
normal diet.

Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

Is there any civilized life in Tasmania? It looks like just another natural wonderland that was raped, pillaged, exploited for its resources, and left behind. Even the official tourism site makes the place seem dull and bereft of any kind of enthusiasm, warning the prospective visitor that life is slow there. I did not know Erol Flynn was from there. That's something anyway. They might consider making his boyhood home a museum or something. And was that Gunn Forestry you know so well?

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