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modeline, display-time, images [SOLVED]

From: Amy Templeton
Subject: modeline, display-time, images [SOLVED]
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 14:42:19 -0400
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Just as a note, the reason I'm not quoting the original
messages here is that I no longer have them. Sorry.

I wrote in with the minor problem that the mail icon refused
to display in my mode line after upgrading to CVS Emacs (I
also had a problem with Emacs not displaying gif files, but
I can probably remedy that by making sure to compile with
(un)gif support next time.

Anyway, the mode-line problem, it turns out, had to do with
the particular color theme I'd been using. I guess one of
the functions it used to display the icon in the modeline in
the old Emacs 21.4 was deprecated or somesuch (I'd been
using that theme pretty steadily for a while), but today I
got bored and switched to a different theme...and lo and
behold, the icon displayed. Anywho, just an update.


P.S.:  I know this isn't the EMMS list, but does anybody
       have any documentation on how to get images to
       display in the *playlist* buffer like in some of the
       screenshots up on their website? I've tried googling
       and Info'ing, but all that's come up is how to enable
       that in the Browser buffer. I also tried looking at
       the source, but from what I saw it looked like they
       should basically use the same display format. Anyway,
       that's hardly pressing, but I do approve of *some*
       eyecandy and it also lessens the number of people who
       get scared when they see me typing up a paper if they
       see a picture somewhere.

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