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Quite a few emacs questions

From: mowgli
Subject: Quite a few emacs questions
Date: 15 May 2007 17:42:22 -0700
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What is the difference in .emacs file and .emacs.d directory? Can
there me a .emacs file in this directory?

How do you add these to .emacs?

M-x color-theme xyz
M-x font-lock-mode
M-x shell-script-mode
M-x set-variable visible-bell true
M-x highlight-current-line-globally

I have put the cyclebuffer-forward and cyclebuffer-backward in .emacs
but it doesn't seem to work since M-N and M-B  are already emacs keys.
How to tell emacs to use it for the cyclebuffer commands and not
interpret it the default way?

When using X, how to change the default font used by emacs? It's
extremely small.

I'm just installing w3. Does it support frames like the links or
elinks browsers?

How to make screen work with emacs?

How to make eshell work like on full page? Typing any command scrolls
half the page to top.

How to make eshell behave properly? typing Ctrl-L to clear screen
doesn't work and outputs junk. The clear command doesn't work either.


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