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Re: Save on losing focus in Emacs

From: Emilio Lopes
Subject: Re: Save on losing focus in Emacs
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 16:40:51 +0200
User-agent: Emacs Gnus

Sergey Pariev writes:

> I'd like to see in Emacs one feature from IntellijIDEA I really like -
> when editing files, if you switch to another window - browser of
> terminal, it automatically saves file being edited - very handy when
> frequently switching between apps on debugging, for example.

If you start "make" (or whatever you use to compile your Java source
files) from within Emacs by using the command `compile', it will
automatically ask you to save any unsaved buffers.

Alternatively you can explicitly call `save-some-buffers', usually
bound to "C-x s", before starting your build. 

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